Hi just a fat/unhealthy girl from Canada on 3rd weight loss blog and hopefully last in my journey to be healthy,confident and happy ^^

What do these girls all have in common? They are all 5’4 and weigh between 100lbs and 106lbs. But does that alone make them unhealthy? What does too skinny mean, How is the girl from the biggest loser, any less or more healthy than those other girls?

i’m a bit shocked if not appalled by how people especially in the fitness community are reacting to Rachels weight loss in the biggest loser, and some of the pathetic excuses.

First of all, WHAT THE FUCK. People have been telling that girl all her life, she is disgusting, unfit and needs to change. She does yet she is having the same words thrown back at her? Do you people not know how much damage that HAS caused for her and how disgusting you all sound?

Second do people not know anything about the human body or muscle? Or about the biggest loser? First of all, EVERY contestant is under medical care because the amount of weight they loose isn’t considered “healthy”. They are under medical care and supervision. So if at one point Rachels weight loss was doing damage to her body, they would inform her and stop her from loosing weight.

Second it took Rachel Seven months to drop 155lbs. If you do the math she lost around 25lbs per month. Contestant workout upto 5 hours a day which means on average she burn 1lbs to 2lbs a day from working out. That is the point of the show to LOOSE, but they are monitored. So her rapid weight loss was in fact healthy for HER body. Though I do believe she should’ve eaten around 2000 calories instead of 1600 but it’s understandable because for the rest of her life she will be capable of storing more fat than others.

The thing that bugs me the most is one that people keep implying she is unhealthy but how does skinny mean you are unhealthy? Do you know how her body functions, how she combats diseases, what nutrients she is getting and how her cells are functioning? What makes you think, you can define health? When in reality the air we breath is unhealthy. Sitting is unhealthy, standing is unhealthy, going for a walk is unhealthy because of the fumes from cars, the foods you eat is unhealthy because they are either highly processed, or when you want to eat healthy are filled with pesticides. The water you drink is healthy.

Eating meat is unhealthy, eating only vegetables and fruit is unhealthy. Being in a relationship is an unhealthy, not being in a relationship is unhealthy. Going on the internet is unhealthy. You seem where I’m going, why are people so up into saying “she’s too thin” but asked why it’s wrong for her to LOOK that way, what is your logical response and what do you do that makes your life so healthy? 

What defines being healthy. How your lifestyle is or how long you survive? Last time I checked there are people who have smoked from 20 to 90 years to death. With that logic even though smoking made that person’s lifestyle unhealthy, the fact they were able to live to 90 years with no complications would technically mean they did live a healthy life because it was a long one. Don’t people like to argue that obesity is wrong because it makes your life span shorter? So how do you know specifically that because a person is thinner than average or bigger than average they will 100% not a live a long life because that’s what determines health. When the stress people  put on someone because of their body image can send them to an early grave as well. Who even says that you get to determine how long someone wants to live for?  

1. How tall is rachel? she is 5’4  What is the healthy BMI for people her height? 110-140lbs. What does BMI not account for? Muscle. What does Rachel clearly have on her arms and legs? Muscle. What is that muscle taking place for? Fat. What happens when you gain muscle? It burns fat. So what happened to Rachel? The muscle she gained slowly at rest helped her burn the fat. So what we see now is a girl who has more lean muscle mass than fat

One of the reasons she looks thinner is her hair, big hair on a small body makes it more disproportional. Anyones real argument is that Rachel lacks fat, but is only 5lbs under her BMI because of muscle not overral lack of mass. That’s why BMI wrong, it does not determine fat, muscle or health just mass since bodybuilders and distance runners are considered overweight and underweight.

Also for people who say the weight loss aged her. WHAT’S THE FUCKING BIG DEAL. Why does her making a healthy lifestyle change have anything to do with your superficial standards beauty, why do you care how her face looks? Before she lost weight she was pale and had a rounder face. It’s proven that tanning makes you look older and slimmer and more defined jawlines especially after weight loss make you look more mature. What’s so wrong. Why is so hard for people to fathom she’s happy by how much she’s accomplished. Coming from a 5’10 200lbs girl, this skinny shaming needs to stop. All this ignorance about the human body needs to stop.  This girl has worked hard and ate healthy to be where she is can’t we just take the time to be happy at how happy she was. Than trying to make her change herself once again to please societies standards,

posted 06 Feb 2014 @ 19:54
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